ConnectTMA FAQ

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About ConnectTMA

The Digital Switchboard

Is ConnectTMA similar to my phone system?
  • In ConnectTMA, although not a phone system, the Switchboard is the firm internal video collaboration tool as well as external video conference tool. Login, and you are open for the day.
What role will my receptionist play in this system?
Receptionists or front-line paralegals can manage the overall firm workflow with the ConnectTMA switchboard. They can continue to be your gatekeepers. 
Am I limited to where I can operate ConnectTMA from?
  • Anyone in the ConnectTMA switchboard can be operating it from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device. Location does not matter.
How easy is it to invoke the privileged mode?
When online in the ConnectTMA switchboard with a client, attorneys and paralegals can put them on privileged mode, and take them off privileged mode with just a click of a button. 
What is meant by a virtual lobby?

Clients and/or prospects can be placed in and out of a digital law firm’s  “lobby” to ensure they get service from appropriate firm resources. It is a place for visitors to be placed while they wait for staff – just like it would be in your physical office. 

Can clients or prospect continue to listen in while in the lobby?

With a client or prospect in the switchboard lobby all others in the firm can have internal discussions, and then get back to the client, taking them out from the lobby

Can I transfer clients and prospects like a telephone system would?

From the switchboard, ConnectTMA firm users can “transfer” clients to another attorney, financial advisor, accountant, or other, while in video conference

What do clients see when they are on a video call?

While on a video meeting, the client can see their bill rates, the duration of the meeting, and when they are in the privileged mode

What is included on firm ConnectTMA administrative reports?

Firm ConnectTMA administrative reports show time and date of all contacts, duration of the meetings, billable time, who the meeting was with (client), and the attorney/paralegal who held the meeting

Can I log notes into the system?
  • While in the switchboard in a video meeting, the attorney can take private (only for the firm) notes while on the video call

ConnectTMA Flexibility

Will ConnectTMA work for my firm?

The great thing is that ConnectTMA fits firms of all sizes. It can run on any device Mobile, desktop, or web, anywhere, at any time. Plus, ConnectTMA runs on any browser, without plug-ins.

Will ConnectTMA fit into our firm's workflow?

In all law firm environments, ConnectTMA expands (does not replace) the functionality of the firm and is completely adaptable to all current methods of practicing law.

Is this meant to replace my phone system?

ConnectTMA works side-by-side with your existing phone system and your other software. No modifications are required. It’s a digital communication and collaboration system, and not a phone system.

Is any special equipment required?

No special equipment is required for ConnectTMA. Any device – Mobile or desktop, with a microphone and a webcam or built-in camera will work

What are the system requirements for ConnectTMA?

Just connect to the web. That’s it. 

Can this be placed on my website?

ConnectTMA can seamlessly integrate into your website.

ConnectTMA Secruity

Can this be placed on my website?

ConnectTMA employs End-to-End encryption (E2E). E2E ensures your communications are locked down and fully encrypted.

What does legal level privacy mean?

Beyond E2E, ConnectTMA has been designed with legal level privacy built in. ConnectTMA communications cannot be read or viewed by us or anyone else, and are never logged, stored, or recorded on our servers. 

Can I get this level of functionality elsewhere?

ConnectTMA is a first of its kind virtual solution for confidential and privileged conversations. No video conferencing product can make that statement.

Start your 15-Day Trial Now

If your firm decides to license the product for a one-year subscription by October 31, 2022, your price will be $24.95 per user, per month until October 31, 2023. The regular price is $49.95 per user, per month.

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