Discover how the ConnectTMA next generation legal communication system can help your law firm compete in the modern world

ConnectTMA The Practice of Law Reimagined

In all law firm environments, ConnectTMA expands (does not replace) the functionality of the firm and is completely adaptable to all current methods of practicing law. 

  • Unique digital switchboard securely handles inbound and outbound calls
  • Firm Administrative Dashboard to configure settings and billing
  • Confidential and privileged mode
  • End-to-End encryption (E2E)
  • Run on any device — Mobile, desktop, or web, anywhere, at any time

See how the unique features we offer can elevate your firm

Firm access to reports, meeting history, and firm notes

Ability to consult with outside attorneys and other professionals while in a meeting

ultilize Merchant services to streamline billing

Ability to instantly start a meeting, or schedule a future meeting 

Firm administrative dashboard

Audio “ring” when wanted for a meeting

Virtual Lobby  to manage clients access to firm professionals

All firm users can see firm status indicators (Online, Offline, and Meeting schedule) 

On Screen billing display for clients, attorneys, and paralegals

Built on a world class technical foundation

All Cloud based

99.99% uptime guarantee

End-to-End encryption

Privileged and Confidential video meetings with chat

Unlimited meeting hours

30 hours start-up assistance

Full Email Support

Practice management integration

Up to 15 users per meeting

Multi-office support — operate many brick-and-mortar offices? We don’t care how many

ConnectTMA Switchboard

Our Platform: The Digital Switchboard

In ConnectTMA, although not a phone system, the Switchboard is the firms internal video collaboration tool as well as external video conference tool. Login, and you are open for the day.


ConnectTMA fits firms of all sizes and can run on any device  Mobile, desktop, or web, anywhere, at any time.

ConnectTMA Flexible
ConnectTMA Secure


ConnectTMA communications cannot be read or viewed by us or anyone else, and are never logged, stored, or recorded on our servers.

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If your firm decides to license the product for a one-year subscription by October 31, 2022, your price will be $24.95 per user, per month until October 31, 2023. The regular price is $49.95 per user, per month.