Grow your firm with a hybrid virtual operating model

Attorneys are facing continuing significant operational challenges in today’s environment. Yes, we adjusted to operating remotely to some degree, but many of us are not quite there yet, and many also had moved back into our offices when we could.

Why was it that for some firms and legal professionals COVID-19 has been a far less disruptive force than for others?

Those firms that had begun adopting methods and tools to facilitate a hybrid virtual operating model prior to the pandemic are able to operate more efficiently today. Do you want to become one of those firms or becoming better at operating virtually? Remember, we remain in unknown territory, facing a long winter with on-going health concerns for our people, our clients and prospects, and our court systems.

How might you feel about legal software that has built-in processes such that a law office can use their existing staff and their Pre-Covid method of working with the added ability to do those same things virtually? Simple? Yes! This tool – which is not just video conferencing but does have that capability among its features – works just like the phone system in your office, regardless of where you or your staff currently are located and is very easy to set up.

That’s right. This software allows you to use your office and your staff exactly like you did prior to the initial Covid-19 shutdown, but now also do that virtually, even if members of your team are not physically in your office and not together. This means not only you, but your receptionists, secretaries, paralegals, office managers and others who are part of your office legal team. And beyond that, it can accommodate anyone else you need to collaborate with in managing your matters.

Using this cloud-based software and its built-in processes, you can serve existing and new clients, and it includes a merchant service feature so you can bill and be paid for services at the time you provide those services, if you wish.

This cloud-based software is called connect TMA – Connect to my Attorney.

And one of the major features of connectTMA is that it includes the only *Privileged video conferencing capability that exists.

There is no video conferencing technology other than connectTMA that has the ability for attorney/client privileged conversations.

Using connectTMA also solves an issue facing our profession as it does any other service business today. That is, to survive we must operate the way clients and prospective clients want us to – for their convenience and on their terms, not on ours. This issue faced us prior to Covid-19, and now faces us in spades, given how consumers and businesses have adjusted to life the last several months.

What does it take to set up connectTMA? An added single link to your website, and you have all the functionality described above.

Why not take a look at connectTMA yourself, to see what it can do for your firm?