• When you had that one too many drinks and then got pulled over
  • Faced with an Eviction Notice/Leasing issues
  • Sudden death in the family
  • Notice of being sued
  • Immigration
  • Contractor disputes
  • Garnishments, etc.
Connect To My Attorney (CTMA) is a new application specifically designed to connect clients with an attorney, in real-time, from their smart phone, in just 2 steps. Using AI and GPS technology, clients can easily find an attorney that fits their needs, in their area and conveniently connect with an Attorney (or their secretary) via voice or video chat, and only pay for the time spent with the lawyer. No more, no less. If you speak for 20 minutes, you pay for twenty minutes. You are NOT charged for speaking with a secretary. Each attorney sets their own fee options: flat fee, per minute fee, per hour fee, consulting fee or NO FEE. You will know this when you are directed to them from our CTMA app! It's that easy!
The bonus for you in finding your attorney this way is that not only can you search for an attorney in any state or city, in any area of practice, but one who literally speaks your language! 

                                English, Spanish or Arabic!   Really!
 for a participating Attorney that works best for you!
These, and many others, are genuine and valid reasons to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Yet, it can be extremely difficult to find the right attorney - one that speaks your language. That's where connectTMA.com comes in.  
If you are an Attorney and would like to know more about the connectTMA.com Application services for your law firm, contact [email protected]
You do not have to be in the 
State of Michigan to participate in connectTMA.com
Ever been in a situation when you needed to speak with an attorney CONVENIENTLY: 

  • Downloadable Mobile Application
  • Smart Phone + 2 steps = your attorney
  • AI - Geo-located Search Feature
  • Search for a specific attorney or all attorneys in an area of law, location or language
  • All area's of law
Or, in a situation where you needed to speak to an attorney